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Inter Class Activities

Theme- Animals (Wild, pet & domestic)

Class- S.K.G -D


​ The children of S.K.G –D conducted the assembly on ‘Animals’. The objective of the assembly was to give them knowledge about the different kind of animals. The whole class participated in the assembly. Introduction of the assembly was given by Tushar. The assembly began with ‘Gayatri Mantra’ and followed by a ‘Hindi prayer’. English prayers like Thank you God for the new day........, Praise him....... and God’s love........ were sung by the students. Gauri Rajput spoke the thought of the day. A few lines on ‘Animals’ were spoken by the students of S.K.G.-D. Different rhymes like ‘Bow-Bow’ and ‘चिडिया घर’ were also sung by the students. English song ‘All things bright & beautiful’ was sung by the students. The assembly concluded with the National Anthem.