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Annual House Assembly 2018-19

The Annual House Meet – ‘Cultural Bonanza’ was organised on 08th Feb 2019 in the school premises. The programme commenced with the auspicious lighting of the lamp ceremony by the Officiating Principal – Mrs Manju Duggal and the House Masters of all the houses. A melodious and soulful bhajan was sung by the students of Class VI, VII & VIII. This was followed by the presentation of the theme based assemblies by all the houses. The theme for the annual house assembly was – “The Elements of Nature”. All the four houses left no stone unturned in presenting the theme in different innovative ways. Through the elements of dance, music, street play, poetry and speeches, the assembly portrayed the spirit of India aptly. The four houses – VISHWA, SATYAM, SHIVAM and SUNDARAM sang their respective house songs which were lauded by all. It was a truly spectacular display of talents of all the participants from all the four houses. The House Captains of all the houses delivered their House reports glorifying the achievements. The Annual House assembly culminated with the result declaration – much to the excitement of everyone present there. There were four trophies in all. The Best House (Sports) was bagged by Vishwa House. The Best House (Literary) was bagged and shared by Sundaram & Satyam House. The best house (Cultural) was grabbed by Shivam House. The most coveted trophy of the “BEST HOUSE – OVERALL was clinched by SHIVAM House. The students and the House Incharge of the winning houses were highly elated. Their joy knew no leaps and bounds. The programme culminated with the National Anthem.


Annual House Assembly 2017-18

The Annual House assembly for the session 2017-18 was organized on 9th Feb, 2018. The assembly commenced with the soulful prayer by the students of Classes VI to VIII which was followed by the house prayers. Students of all the four houses spread the beauty of their voice and expressed their gratitude towards God. The theme of this assembly was Incredible India. The houses were divided into four different zones to represent the rich and diverse culture of different regions of our country in the form of dance and music depicting the theme Incredible India. The main programme commenced by the Satyam House report read by the House Captains Anshul Bhardwaj (XI-A) and Diksha Baurai (XI-B) and Vice House Captain Vaibhav Kaul (IX-B) and Aashi Jain (IX-B) praising the achievements and hardwork of students of their house. Satyam house report was followed by a beautiful Kannada Dance by the students of Satyam house representing the rich culture of South India. It was followed by a Nukkad Natak presented by the students of classes VI to X based on the theme of “Drug addiction and Cleanliness”. Shivam house report was read by the House Capt. Aditi Bhandari (XI-A) and Ananya Singh (IX-D) who emphasised on all the achievements of their house. An elegant Assamese Dance was presented by the students of Shivam house depicting the cultural diversity of Eastern part of our country. Perfect synchronization of arms and body balance was witnessed in the P.T drill displayed by the tiny tots of class I and II. Vishwa House report was read by House Capt. Tina Kalia (XI-A) and Head boy Harsh Priye (XI-A) proudly showcasing the hardwork and achievements of their house. House report was followed by an energetic Haryanvi dance and an elegant Kathak dance performed by Vishwa house students, representing North Indian culture. This was followed by a Taekwondo presentation by the students of classes III to V. Sundaram house report was presented by house captains Tushita Soni (XI-A) and Krishna (XI-B) which was followed by a beautiful Rajasthani dance by Sundaram house students representing rich culture of Western India. A scintillating classical Remix dance medley performed by the students of classes III to V was an unusual treat for one and all present there. The house assembly culminated with the result declaration much to the excitement of everyone present there. There were four prizes in all. The Best House (cultural) was won by Shivam House. The Best House (Academics) was clinched by Vishwa House and Sundaram House. The Best House (sports) was bagged by Satyam House. And finally The Best House overall Trophy was grabbed by Shivam House for consecutively 3years in a row. ​



The assembly started with a prayer “ Ae Malik Tere Bande Hum “. The assembly was dedicated on United Nation’s Day. A warm thought was said by Yash Wangoo of class X- A. It was followed by difficult word by Laxmi of class X- C, news by Suryansh and Shubhra ( class X- C ). Kartika of class X – C presented a poem on United Nation’s Day which was followed by a short speech by Akansha of class X –B. The assembly concluded with the National Anthem. ​



Assembly started with a prayer ‘Teri Aaradhana Karu ‘. Then anchor Tanya Goel of class (X-B) conducted the assembly. Then we started our assembly with a beautiful thought from Vishal ( X- B ) . Then we added a new word to our dictionary by calling Nirbhay (X-B) with a difficult word of the day. Then our news reporter Gautam ( X-B ) updated us with the news headlines. Then followed by speech on the topic Eradication of Poverty and a beautiful poem by Vanshika and Anisha ( X-B). Then Nancy ma’am ( Activity Incharge ) greeted our assembly and address us with her inspiring words and an announcement followed by the National Anthem. ​


Special Assembly Class- III E International Literacy Day 08.09.17

The theme of the assembly was the importance of literacy in our lives and how education should be imparted to all irrespective of colour, caste, creed or gender. A skit was performed highlighting the significance and values imparted through literacy with the theme – “ PADHEGA INDIA TABHI TO BADHEGA INDIA”. Comparing was done by Aastha Sharma and Samrat Slathia. Thought for the day was conducted by Bhoomi and difficult word was told by Vedaa. Students who performed in skit were – Abhishek , Aditya , Diksha , Hitesh , Saksham , Riya and Rishab. In the end a small dance performance was held by all the students on the song “ School Chale Hum” telling the right to education being an integral aspect of child. Students who were a part of dance are- Alisha, Indali, Anshi, Shambhavi, Piyush, Siddharth, Siya and Aradhya. ​



The assembly was dedicated to the dedication and achievements of the Indian Navy. The Maratha Emperor ‘ Chatrapati Shivaji ‘ of the 17th century is considered as ‘ Father Of the Indian Navy ‘. On this day the worships and aircraft of the Indian Navy are open to visitors mainly school children. The Military photo exhibition is exhibited by the photo journalists of Errnakulum in the Navy Fest. Students of IIIrd class spoke in length on the role of Indian Navy. This was followed by a poem on this ‘ theme ‘ inspiring the youngsters to be a part of ‘Navy ‘ by joining it. ​


Special Assembly Date: August 29, 2017 Class- V A, B, C and D Theme: National Sports Day

The special assembly was dedicated to Major Dhyanchand who is also known as ‘Magician of Hockey’. National sports day is celebrated every year to mark his birth anniversary. Assembly was started by a thought and followed by a difficult word. Manshi and Ayush spoke about national sports day &its importance. The presenter emphised on importance of sports in our life. To dedicated and celebrate the national sports day students dressed as sportspersons such as Major Dhyanchand, MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Saina Nehwal, etc. They represented India and gave the message to be a sportman & inculcate sportsmanship. Assembly was culminated by a song ‘Chak de India’ to show the enthusiasm of Indian sportsmen followed by National Anthem. ​


Special Assembly World Senior Citizen Day Shivam House Class- V ( A,B,C,D ) 8.08.17 ( Tuesday )

The assembly was dedicated to our most respected senior citizens. A warm thought was said by Mohit of class V-C followed by a Hindi Skit on our senior citizens which highlighted the fact that we should have regard for them and not discard them. Some beautiful messages were conveyed by Aaditya, Khushi, Abhinav and Varun. In the end children recited a beautiful poem on " Bade Bujurg ".


Special Assembly (Sundaram House) Date: July 11, 2017 Class: XI A-D Topic: World Population Day

World population day is an International level awareness campaign being celebrated all over the world to call people on stage to know one reason of this exploding population year by year as well as to solve the big mistake of whole human fraternity. This great awareness event is to bring a population revolution globally as well as breaking sleep of all the deeply slept people to pay their full attention. Assembly was conducted by Jyotsana Bawa (XI-C) and Garvita Meena (XI-B), tjought by Harshita Gupta (XI-D), difficult word by Shivani Rao (XI-C), news by Ayush Yadav (XI-B) & Drishti Singh (XI-B), amazing facts by Shreya Gupta (XI-A), Anmol Rohilla (XI-A), Sakshi Srivastava (XI-C), speech by Parul Chhabra (XI-D)


Special Assembly (Shivam House) Date: July 6, 2017 Class- XI Theme: World Ozonosis Day

The special assembly was held on July 6, 2017 to mark world Ozonosis Day. It began with Morning Prayer, “Teri Aradhana karu”. The assembly was conducted by Aditi (XI-A). A good thought was presented by Riya (XI-B) followed by a difficult word by Dhruv (XI B). The news headlines were updated by Akshat (XI). The assembly’s topic was world Ozonosis day. Assembly included the speech which included the meaning of Ozonosis along with some tips and precautions, which can be taken to avoid Ozonosis The assembly was concluded by school song and National Anthem.



The assembly began with the soothing prayer “ Teri Aaradhana Karu “. Rishabh presented a beautiful thought followed by Simranpreet delivering a difficult word. News headlines was presented by Sameer, Nipun, Jasleen, Srishti. Priyanshu recited a poem , thereafter Aditya delivered a befitting speech on “Art Of Living”. Manju Duggal ( Offg. Principal ) and Nancy maa’m ( Activity Incharge ) delivered speeches. ​



The assembly began with prayer ‘Teri Aaradhana Karu ‘. Then anchors Arpita ( VIII-A ) and Supriya (VIII-A) conducted the assembly.Then we started our assembly with a beautiful thought from Gauri ( VIII-D ). Then we added a new word to our dictionary by calling Vanshika ( VIII-B ) with the difficult word of the day. Then our news reporters Sania ( VIII-A ), Alankrita ( VIII-D ), Mohit ( VIII-A ) and Nehal ( VIII-B ) updated us with the news headlines. Then Khushi ( VIII-A ) told us some amarying facts about World Health Day. Then Tejsvi( VIII-A ) recited a poem ( Hindi ) on Earth Day. Then Nancy ma’am ( Activity Incharge ) greeted our assembly and addressed us with her inspiring words. Then the assembly ended up with National Anthem.



The assembly began with prayer ‘ Tum Pooja Ho’. Then the anchors Aashi of class (IX-A) and Kartik of (IX-B) invited Nandani of class ( IX-A ) for thought. This was followed by a difficult word by Yashvi of class ( IX-A ) and facts on Heritage by Riya of class (IX- C), Aayush of class ( IX-D ) and Aryan of class ( IX-B ). The assembly culminated by the National Anthem.



The assembly began with prayer ‘ Tum Pooja Ho ‘. Then the anchors Sonali and Ananya invited Ashima for the thought. This was followed by difficult word by Himanshi and a short poem by Ishika and further Kalhan followed by reading news. The assembly ended with a beautiful dance performance.



Assembly started with prayer- ‘ Hey Sharde Maa ‘. Anchors Gargi and Adit initiated conducting assembly with a thought for the day and news. It was followed by awareness programme through speech on- What is health ? Simplest way for healthy life. Theme of the year – Depression – Let’s Talk. They emphasized on health issues. Health is not just the medical parameters are ok. It means one must have certain sense of wholeness. There is need to have a balance approach towards life. Best way is to use your body, your head, and your energies. Depression is when emotions and thought work against you instead for you. Life itself is the most important because our heart is throbbing, everything in this world seem to be meaningful. If this stops, nothing around means anything.


Class Assembly L.KG- A Theme-Fruits Date- 09-08-17

Children of class L.KG –A conducted the assembly on 09-08-17 on the topic ‘fruits’. The objective of the assembly was to give knowledge about the characteristics of different fruits and encouraging the students to eat them and become healthy. It commenced with the chanting of the ‘Gayatri mantra’ followed by English prayer and thought of the day. The students carried the props of fruits and spoke about their goodness and recapitulated the benefit of eating them. Two students recited the rhymes. The enthusiasm was evident on the young faces as the whole class presented a song. The assembly was brought to an end with the National Anthem.


Class Assembly S.KG. – A Date: 06.07.17 Theme – Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Class SKG-A conducted the assembly on the topic of Cleanliness is next to Godliness: The objective of the assembly was to inculcate the values and habits of cleanliness amongst the students. Assembly started with Gayatri Mantra followed by Hindi and English prayers. Introduction of the topic given by Kavish Dhar. Aryan Kumar shared the thought of the day. Students shared their views on the topic. Students also entertained the audience by singing rhymes ‘ Bits of Paper’ & ‘Here we go round the mango tree’ with props.


Class Assembly S.KG. – B Date: 17.7.17 Theme – Healthy Habits

Assembly was conducted by the class S.KG.-B on the theme of Healthy Habits amongst the students. Students sung rhymes and highlighted their views on the topic. They also shared their healthy habits which they follow daily. Thus inspiring others to develop such habits in themselves.


Class Assembly S.KG. – C Date: 21.7.17 Theme – Good Manners

Students of Class SKG-C organized the class assembly on the theme ‘Good Manners’. The objective of the assembly was to create awareness about good manners in our daily routine. The assembly commenced by chanting of Gayatri Mantra and Shloka – ‘Namaste Sharade Devi Kashmir’ followed by the prayer ‘Praise Him’. A child spoke the thought of the day “Good manners will carry where money won’t go”. Words like ‘sorry, please, thank you, excuse me and May I’ were written on banners and the children also played role to highlight these words. At the end, whole class recited the rhyme – ‘raat ko jaldi sona seekho, subah ko jaldi uthna.’


Class Assembly S.KG. – D Date: 25.7.17 Theme – Our Food

The tiny tots of Class SKG-D organized a theme based assembly on 25.07.17 on the topic – ‘our food’. The assembly started with a session of physical exercises followed by rhymes and prayer. The topic was introduced by the class teacher. The students explained the importance of healthy food and discouraged eating junk food. Props of the food items were displayed to the students (like fruits, vegetables etc.). They thoroughly enjoyed the activity and were responsive throughout the assembly. It came to an end with the teacher’s talk which made students aware of eating healthy food and its benefits. The assembly concluded with the National Anthem.


Class Assembly LKG-C Date: 28/8/17 Theme : Colours

Description: Today LKG-C conducted their Morning Assembly on the Topic “Colours”. The assembly started with jogging and warm up exercises followed by English prayer and chanting of MANTRAS. Introduction was given by Sarakshi and Ananya said the thought of the day. Objects related to the primary colours were depicted by different children in a rhythmic way of a poem. Identity and recognition of different colours were explained by Mitansh in a confident manner. All the children participated enthusiastically . The assembly came to an end with National Anthem and “Jia Hind” salute which focus on fun filled learning was achieved thereafter. Learning Outcome: All the children participated well as per their age group and enjoyed performing in front of all and removed their stage fear. ​