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Principal's Desk

From Principal's Desk

Dear Parents,
In the words of J. Krishnamurthy, "Right education should help the student, not only to develop his/her capacities but to understand his/her own highest interest".

As the leader of Vishwa Bharati Public School, we focus on discovering ,developing and drawing out the hidden talents and the magic lying dormant inside all of its students.From academics to co-curricular activities perseverance and a never-say-die spirit are entrenched in the heart of every student not only making them good students but brilliant human beings.

In today's dynamic world,a 360 degree development and grooming is of supreme importance and through our campus we are creating an environment for future leaders,entrepreneurs and professionals who possess skills and aptitudes in an array of functional disciplines.

With a vision of introducing global education system that draws inspiration from our rich cultural heritage,three major factors i.e. atmosphere,child's leader and the exposure to global world curriculum that is in complete sync with the Indian value-system makes such noble and worthy endeavors successful. The idea is to let the child explore their inner capabilities and pave their independent path towards success ,a path illuminated by the sound values of an upright education system. My very competent team of teachers strives to focus on each and every child,monitor and mentor them,appreciate their achievement and encourage them to overcome their shortcomings. I urge all the teachers to create appropriate, meaningful and participative learning situations,inculcating life skills in the impressionable.

Let us then work together towards raising ethical and happy children and send them out into the world as the flag bearers of a brighter tomorrow citizens of the world and the pride of our nation.Looking forward to a strong bond of trust,affection,love and respect between parents and teachers. Let's share the responsibility of nurturing the children together as one.

Warm regards
Ms.Prabha Gupta