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Medical Facilities

From Health Desk

School infirmary is as important as classrooms in school to administer First-Aid during emergency such as cuts, wounds, sprains, strains, pains, bleeding, fractures , bites and stings , fainting etc and needs of skills dealing with specific situations.

Apart from First Aid to bring awareness of health values and to inculcate among students the desired habits and attitude towards health.

Health Education is given to students to take actions individually and collectively to protect and promote their own health, health of their families and community.

Awareness campaigns were done for seasonal diseases and problems such as dengue, swine flu, malaria etc.

The school has been tied up with Manipal Hospital which is a nearby hospital and providing Nursing facilities, Ambulance facility, Yearly check-up of students and all kind of necessary facilites as and when required.

Maintenance of health record including weight and height, vaccinations, blood group, general health, BMI to check obesity among children.

Students have been encouraged to participate during mock drills on disaster management such as earthquake, fire etc to apply practical applications according to the situations.

Counseling children on various problems such as nutrition, hygiene, eating habits, sanitation, attitude towards life.

Parents are advised to provide details of their child's medical condition and its treatment which may include administering medication at regular interval.