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Inter - Class Competitions(Pre - Primary)

Shloka Chanting CompetitionClass - L.KG (12-02-2019)

An inter class Shloka Chanting Competition for class L.KG was held on February 12th 2019. The little children chanted various shlokas with fluency and displayed full confidence while explaining their meaning in Hindi. They also used related props while reciting the shlokas. The objective of the competition was to inculcate traditional and moral values in young minds and develop the intellectual skills. The Pre-Primary activity head Mrs. Sonia Dogra judged the competition and announced the winners. ​

English Story Telling Competition Class - L.KG (08-02-19)

An inter class English Story Telling Competition was conducted for class L.KG on February 8th 2019. Children displayed excellent memory and recapitulation skills by narrating the stories based on animals with suitable props. They also made effective use of facial expressions, gestures and voice modulation. The objective of the competition was to enhance speaking skills, stimulate imagination and build confidence in students. The stories were adjudged on the basis of expression, confidence, diction and presentation. The performance of every student was praiseworthy. The Pre-Primary activity head Mrs. Sonia Dogra announced the names of the winners. ​


Drawing & Colouring Competition Class- L.KG (25-01-19) Topic- My Favourite Toy

An intra-class Drawing & Colouring Competition for classes L.KG was held on January 25th 2019. The topic was ‘My Favourite Toy’. The tiny tots participated with great enthusiasm and created magical expressions with their imagination and aesthetic exploration. They made pictures of various toys like- car, doll, robot, boat, and teddy bear to name few. They used vibrant colours to showcase their creative talents. Winners were selected on the criteria of neatness and imagination. The objective of the competition was to motivate students to express their views and explore their creativity through their art work and enhance their colour recognition and motor skills.


Fancy Dress Competition (L.KG) Date: 09-10-18

To combine learning with fun and to develop confidence in tiny tots by giving them an opportunity to speak in front of the audience; an inter class competition was held on October 9th 2018 in the pre- primary wing. The students displayed their talents on the theme ‘Vehicles’. They were dressed as an ambulance, car, bus, train etc. and spoke a few lines with confidence on the vehicle they depicted. The students participated with great enthusiasm and zeal and the activity helped the students to showcase their talent and enhance self confidence. The competition was judged and concluded by the encouraging words by the pre primary coordinator and pre primary activity head.


ART COMPETITION Classes : L.KG & S.KG Date- 17-08-17

In order to provide an opportunity for the tiny tots to showcase their talent and encourage creativity in them, an ‘Art Competition ‘was conducted in the pre –primary wing on 17-08-17. The students of L.KG were given the outline of a ‘ball’ to display their creative skills in colouring. They coloured them beautifully using vibrant crayon colours. The students of S.KG were given a line drawing of a ‘landscape’ to colour. The students came up with amazing art work. All the students enthusiastically participated in the competition.


Show and Tell Competition Class : S.KG Date: 21-08-2017

The S.KG class of Pre Primary wing organized an intra class ‘Show and Tell Competition’ on 21-08-17. The competition was conducted with a view to develop the cognitive and creative skills of students and comprehend a child’s imagination and spontaneous ability to translate their thought and ideas into words. The topics were ‘My favourite Toy’ and ‘My Favourite Cartoon Character.’ The students brought a number of different objects like toy car, doll, Doraemon etc and used innovative ways to describe them with lot of confidence, facial expression and voice modulation. The students participated with enthusiasm and zeal in the competition and delivered an extraordinary presentation of ideas and thoughts. It helped the students to gain confidence and improve their vocabulary and skills of public speaking. ​