Admission Open for class L.K.G from 15th/Dec/2021 to 07/Jan/2022 LKG Circular
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Fee details



  1. Fees are collected quarterly (April, July, October, January).
  2. Fees are to be paid in full, Part payments are not accepted.
  4. A fine of Rs. 500/- would be charged per month in case a cheque is returned unpaid.
  5. Parents are requested to write their Office & Residence Phone No. and Admission No. on the reverse side of the cheque.
  6. The fee will be accepted till the 10th of the scheduled months.
  7. Parents are requested to keep the fee booklet in safe custody and produce it as and when required by the school as proof of payment(in case of payment made by cheque).
  8. In case last date for payment of fee happens to be a holiday, one day’s extension will be given
  9. Late fee will be charged @ Rs. 20/- per day after last date till 15th of the following month, after which the student’s name will be struck off the rolls.
  10. All fees are subject to revision. In case of withdrawal from the bus, one month notice is to be given,otherwise the full conveyance charges will be charged.
  11. Change of address, if any, should be intimated to the school in writing immediately.

One time payments:( At the time of new admission)

Admission 200.00
Caution Money (Refundable) 500.00
Development Charges (LKG) 3860.00
(SKG) 3510.00
(I to VIII) 1995.00
(IX to X) 2350.00
(XI to XII) 3510.00

Annual Charges : ( To be paid in April along with the fees of Ist Qtr.)

Annual Charges (All Charges) 8530.00

School Magazine, News Letter, Printing Stationary, School Dairy, Functions & Festivals, Refreshments, Awards, Scholarship, Competitions, Seminars, Workshop, Sports Activities, Conveyance, Assignments, Medical Card, MedicalCheckup, First Aid, Syllabus book, Report Card, Examination Papers, ID card, Certificates, School Calendar, Houser keeping, Maintenance and other miscellaneous expenses etc.

Quarterly Charges

Tuition Fee: LKG 11670.00
SKG 10635.00
I to VIII 6015.00
IX to X 7050.00
XI to XII 10635.00
Computer Fee III to V 345.00
VI to X 435.00
Science Fee XI to XII
PCB 1080.00
PCM 720.00
PCM + Computer Science 720+360=1080.00

Dues Date of Payments

Ist Quarter 1st April – 15th April
2nd Quarter 1stJuly – 15th July
3rd Quarter 1st Oct. – 15th Oct.
4th Quarter 1st Jan.-15th Jan.

Transportation Charges

Ist Quarter Two Months Only
2nd Quarter Three Months Only
3rd Quarter Three Months Only
4th Quarter Three Months Only
Bus Route No.
Bus Stop
Bus Fee Per Month Rs 1400 – 2100 (Depends on distance)

Note: Only Tuition fees is being charged for Session 2021-22 (Subject to change as per DOE guidelines)